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We have a product and/or service that fits your needs from our broad offering of brick and mortar point of sale systems and fully integrated e-Commerce solutions. We have highly experienced employee consultants placed throughout the U.S.

New Feature: Real Time Data - Retail STAR

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Retail - Point of Sale Software

Retail STAR™ - Industry Leading Point of Sale Software For Over 26 Years

Retail STAR Point of Sale software provides a simple, affordable and powerful solution that automates the movement of inventory in your brick-and-mortar store or Internet store. This includes managing inventory, selling inventory via sales orders or point-of-sale transactions, customer tracking, an integrated web storefront and accounting.

Today, Retail STAR Point of Sale Software is the only retail system that doesn’t just handle your sales and inventory, it automates the rest of your business as well. It is the only retail system that can automate all of your sales channels and provide you with a real-time Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss statement at the end of the day. As you evaluate software to automate your store, you’ll soon learn that Retail STAR Point of Sale software is “the standard by which all others are measured.”


Retail STAR - Open To Buy NEW

Retail STAR® Open To Buy (OTB) helps retailers improve their financial performance through increased sales, leaner inventories, and reduced markdowns. Retailers can accomplish this by utilizing the built-in Open To Buy module in Retail STAR® or by using one of our interfaces to many of the planning service companies in the market today.


Pharmacy - Point of Sale Software

Pharmacycheckout.jpgCAM Pharmacy Point of Sale software automates the store operations of the independent pharmacy. Through its integration with many leading pharmacy dispensing systems, the CAM point of sale software offers pharmacies a complete solution when automating a store. With the addition of IIAS support and SIGIS certification, the CAM Pharmacy Point of Sale software allows pharmacies to accept FSA (Flexible Spending Account) cards. Recent IRS regulations require pharmacies to employ point of sale systems that comply with IIAS (Inventory Information Approval System) if they wish to continue accepting FSA cards as forms of payment.

The POS software for pharmacies interfaces in real-time to most pharmacy systems. As your prescriptions are filled by the pharmacy system, your CAM point of sale Prescription Tracking Software is instantly updated.


Paint Store - Point of Sale Software

Paint.jpgCAM's Paint Store Point of Sale software automates your entire retail business. Our software offers a unique and powerful solution to help you increase productivity, profitability, and customer loyalty. Our customers benefit from our specialized industry features, which include: Point of Sale featuring POS area calculator, Inventory Control, Purchasing & Receiving, Complete Customer Management, Formula Paint Tracking, Frequent Shopper Programs, Delivery Process, Accounting, Integrated eCommerce, Contract Pricing, Job Tracking, Authorized Users, and many more.


Completely Integrated e-Commerce Software


Our total e-Commerce software provides a seamless Internet storefront solution. One solution to automate your entire retail business.

Simplicity, affordability, security, power and total integration to the back office software are what makes CAM’s e-Commerce software unique. Everything is created and maintained within the back office system giving you the ability to move inventory more efficiently.

With this unique integration, there is no longer a need to re-enter orders into a separate system. All orders flow into the back office database immediately after submitted by the shopper. Orders are fulfilled from any of your store locations or warehouse. Print the orders, ship the items, and confirm shipments - it’s that easy!

Cutting Edge Design, Stay Competitive, Market Smart

Having a great web store is a critical part of a retailers success. Our specialists are available to custom-tailor a site based on the specifications you prescribe or provide you with the tools necessary to migrate from an existing site. Our proven back-end architecture and fully integrated system allow us to provide features that simply aren’t available anywhere else.ecommerce2.jpg

CAM’s e-Commerce solution gives you the ability to track and report on every interaction you have with a customer. Whether they purchase from your online, physical store, or over the phone, you get a unified history of all customer purchases, returns, special orders, and more.

Our software delivers you the statistics that really matter!

Why i.STAR?

• Total System Integration
• Open 24/7
• Stay Competitive with Web Presence
• Unique Navigation
• Satisfying Shopping Experience
• Low Service Fees
• No Additional Personnel Required
• System Security and Reliability

Sell on the Web Today!


Integrated Payment Processing

X-ChargePOS.jpgLet our payment processing help you integrate your credit, debit, check and gift card transactions with your computer software or ecommerce application. All of our processing solutions meet and exceed PCI-DSS industry security regulations.

Our payment processing provides low rates on secure integrated processing of credit, debit, check and gift card transactions all with world class merchant help desk support.


PCI Compliance Information - Keeping You Secure

Today, customers are using Credit Cards and Debit Cards more than ever. As these types of payments become more popular, the need for increased security become more apparent. PCI Compliance is the Credit Card Industry’s response to this need.

What is PCI Compliance?

The PCI Security Standards Council, a group consisting of Payment Card companies like VISA and , created the PCI DSS. This new standard in data collection and handling ensures a safer environment for customers using credit cards and debit cards. These standards affect all stages of card transactions, from processing to storage and transmission.

How does it affect you?

According to the PCI SSC, compliance with the new standards is mandatory for all payment processors, POS payment applications, and merchants of all sizes. If you process credit cards at your store location, the new security standard applies to you.

Are you liable?

Yes, merchants are liable for any card data breaches or thefts from their businesses, regardless of the number of cards affected. When you sign a credit
card processing agreement, you are agreeing to the card association’s requirements, and are committing to follow the PCI DSS.

How does Retail Star address issues of compliance?

Because Retail STAR 8.5 does not receive, store, or transmit sensitive credit card data, it is out of the scope of PCI DSS/PA-DSS.

X-Charge 7.0 and higher is fully PCI DSS/PA-DSS compliant and audited. Using X-Charge 7.0 with Retail STAR 8.5 allows you to meet PCI compliance.

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