One Inventory For All Your Sales Channels

shutterstock_16341334lrg.jpgYou only need one system to manage all of your sales channels. Our perpetual inventory system manages POS sales, MOTO sales, and more...

The attributes and descriptions supported for inventory items allows the our systems to excel in reporting and merchandising. The systems offer retailers many ways to categorize their inventory; a Department, Class, and Subclass structure allows the user to see only those classes assigned to a specific department and those subclasses assigned to a specific class. Other sub-category fields available include Vendor, Category, Location, Fabric, Season, and Color. Each offers virtually unlimited choices.

The strength of our inventory modules lies in its integrated approach to inventory control. The system manages inventory for store sales, internet sales, and phone sales in the same software. This approach allows a retailer to utilize the same reporting and accounting for all aspects of the business.


•User defined fields

•Single inventory for both web and in-store items

•Internet items can be defined in software

•Size/Color matrix

•Serialized items

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