RetailSTARx is a complete solution for pharmacy retailers – with Point of Sale, electronic payment processing, signature capture, Rx bar code scanning, inventory management and more. Integrate with several dispensing systems (McKesson, Rx30) for easy fulfillment of prescription orders. Whether you have a single pharmacy or multiple locations across several states, RetailSTARx is the platform that brings together your pharmacy and retail operations, seamlessly.


The POS is designed for ease of use allowing clerks to use hot keys or touch screen displays. The latest in bar code scanning, EMV and payment security is supported within the system. RetailSTARx provides several discounting strategies, multiple sales clerks per sale, layaways, voids, returns, exchanges, gift certificates, credit memos, hold tickets, multiple payment types, receipt notes, in-house charge accounts, flexible tender types, currency exchange and more.

Tobins Pharmacy
“Prescriptions ready for pick up will appear on the POS screen. When the initial Rx bar code is scanned, the patient’s name automatically appears. The nutritional supplements and any other general merchandise the customer wants to purchase can be scanned in the same transaction, and the system prompts the patient to sign for their prescriptions - saving us a massive amount of time so we can provide great customer service.”
- Doug Schultz, President, Tobin’s Pharmacy


Point of Sale designed for prescriptions, copays, and anything else your store sells

E-Commerce fully-integrated with the POS

Interface with multiple dispensing systems (i.e., McKesson, Rx30, CarePoint, Computer Rx, Visual Superscript, ScriptAssist, Suite Rx)

Interface with your wholesalers (i.e., Mckesson, Cardinal Health, AmerisourceBergen, HD Smith)

Make it as convenient as possible to get medications with in-store pickup or delivery options

RetailSTARx complies with HIPAA Notice of Privacy Policy (NOPP), IIAS for FSA, integrates with Appriss® NPLEx™ MethCheck, and offers Electronic Signature Capture for quicker audits

Leverage customer buying patterns to launch targeted email campaigns and loyalty programs

Integrate with leading dispensing systems & wholesalers