RetailSTAR Video Demonstrations

Point of Sale

RetailSTAR point of sale is designed to be the simple, efficient and comprehensive solution to operate your retail front end.

Inventory Management

With RetailSTAR inventory management, your business can track and allocate inventory more effectively and accurately, reducing stock-outs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Customer Maintainence

Using the advanced CRM in RetailSTAR any retailer can analyze customer behavior and use that information to adjust their operations appropriately.

Purchasing and Receiving

Maintaining a perpetual inventory is easier than ever with RetailSTAR. Use electronic ordering, vendor catalogs and more to keep the items your customers want in stock.


The advanced reports in RetailSTAR were designed to provide in-depth analysis that any retailer can use to improve their business performance. Reports in the RetailSTAR system are highly customizable as well as easy to run, and include best/worst seller, advertising effectivness, comissions reports, employee time, inventory reports and much more.

Job Tracking

Manage jobs more efficiently directly from the point of sale! With Job Tracking in RetailSTAR, you can designate job status, review job details, and keep track of jobs with the integrated calendar all from one system.


Transfer functionality within the RetailSTAR system is as robust as it is straightforward. Creating packing slips, updating inventory files and properly distributing inventory amongst stores is now easier than ever.

RetailSTARx For Pharmacy

RetailSTARx is fully integrated software that combines all channels of a retail enterprise in onecomplete system, including POS, inventory management, order fulfillment, E-Commerce and CRM. RetailSTARx offers a complete integrations with both Carepoint and McKesson dispensing systems.

The Inventory Sales Report

The Inventory Sales report is a quick way to see units sold for a specific time period compared to the units sold for the last four weeks since the end of the specific time period at either a Department or Type level. You can set the time period you would like to use for reporting, and because this report provides the last four weeks from the end date, you can compare how your sales performed towards the end of the time period. This can be a useful tool when analyzing sales on a weekly basis, and determining potential promotions.